… and we’re FINALLY off!

This picture is what we call the “Martha shot.” If she were home when we took off, she would have insisted on snapping a few pictures.

Our first sunset was hazy and gray and passed without much notice, but didn’t damper the satisfaction of our first night. We left Aurora around 3:30pm with the goal of making it to Windsor for the night. Part of not having a route mapped out is discovering half way to London that, “Oh right, we should cross at Sarnia.” By then we were too excited to stop before the border and decided we’d aim to drive the distance to Springfield, Illinois and camp when we couldn’t drive any longer. Thankfully, I have an aunt and uncle who, having themselves three very spontaneous nieces/nephews, were unfazed by a last minute call announcing our intended arrival.

We ended up making it as far as Indianapolis and stopping at a rest stop (the rest stops here are all over the place and don’t include a Wendy’s or Tim Horton’s). Transferring everything on our bed to the front, putting the curtains up, hitting the washrooms, changing into PJs, and stowing our valuables took all of five minutes and we were soundly asleep by 3am. The next morning (today) we drove the rest of the way to Springfield and have been hanging out with Aunt Vic this afternoon.

Richard will likely write about the constant rain, the crappy concrete roads, and the twister we drove into…. stay tuned!

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  • Ashley
    9 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    I miss you guys already!
    Travel safe, be good and don’t forget the love!

  • Breda Hanna
    9 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Hi there it sounds like a fun trip so far,lots of time for great sunsets,we miss you kid’s already.

  • Martha
    10 Apr 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Huge sign of relief to hear your home away from home is warm and comfortable. Happy trails to you both!!

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