Annot: Good Place

No, no, it is a very good place. A good place for eating and drinking, a good place for Ellen to practice her French, and of course a good place for boulders.

Our journey to Annot started with an Internet search.

“Trusty Google can you help me find something”
“Of course Mr. Hanna. What would you like me to find for you”
“The meaning of life! The one answer”
“Huh… Ok how about somewhere to go bouldering near Nice”
“Try Annot, I hear it’s delightful. They call it another fontainebleau”
“Cool, I’ll check it out”

The sandstone boulders of Annot are located about 4-12 klicks out of town.
we decided that a rental car would be our best bet. Train to Nice, pick up the car and head North. The plan went off without a hitch mainly because of Ellen’s firm stranglehold of the French language.

Ellen had been sandbagging me all along, “Yeah, I know a little French”. We walked into that rental office and I could not believe (or understand) the words coming out of her mouth. I actually began to think I had stepped into an alternate universe so I attempted to walk through the wall. Well, same universe but it had seemed that Ellen had been possessed by the souls of Marie Antionette and Napoleon.

Car in hand and hands on the wheel I drove our Dacia into Nice rush hour with only our trusty K-OS disc to guide us. We arrived in good tine as Annot is only about 90 km from Nice. We settled into a quintessential French hotel with pink pastel walls and ate our grocery store roast chicken while drinking cheap table wine (Can’t beat €2 for 1.5L).

We fit in two very strenuous days of climbing in Annot. I love the boulders here, the are more my style than Ellen’s and the slopers and interesting movement has got me very excited to visit fontainebleau. It was a welcome change from all the granite and the finger blowing crimps. Beautiful improbable pockets of one and two fingers spanning blank gaps in the rock would make even the hardened climber’s heart flutter. It felt good to renew my past love of big moves and slopers; Im even starting to really love the awkward slopey topouts.

Out first day ended up being one of my better days bouldering with the completion of three difficult problems that got me so excited to climb. Our second day was Ellen’s to shine. After a lackluster performance the previous day she really got used to the small pocket and slopers. This culminated in her best climing performance outside to date, replete with highball and slopey topouts. You go girl!

You have to climb everything even if it is not your style. In the end it makes you a better climber; And don’t forget, it’s damn fun.

I would definitely check out Annot if you’re in the south of France. Just remember, the road’s a little bumpy.

As always, a little vid: ….and from what I hear on facebook, I’m not the only one getting bugged by bees!

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  • yodabear
    2 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Sweet find! Are you guys heading straight to font or stopping at more pretty places like gorges du verdon, ceuse or even chamonix?

    • admin
      2 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

      You know everything. Why aren’t you here with us???

  • Rico Suave
    2 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    We are in Nice, maybe some DWS here for a few days then on to Fontr before Ireland and then Sccotland. Hope to checkout the grit boulders.

    • yodabear
      3 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply

      sick sick sick! I’m so jealous

  • Ceila
    28 Aug 2010 | Permalink | Reply


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