Richard’s Haircut

My mom has been cutting my dad’s hair for as long as I can remember. I’m sure it didn’t start out perfectly, but over the years she’s mastered it. My brother also opts for the cheaper route when it comes to hair cutting. He’s had friends shave his head during beer-fueled brilliance, girlfriends do their best to snip suave styles, and I bet my mother’s even had her hands on his locks.

So when Richard finally decided not to shave his head but still refused any suggestions for the salon, I decided to give it a go myself.
I started with a comb and scissors and quickly realised I was snipping randomly and had no idea what I was doing. So I found some hair clippers in my dad’s bathroom and chose the largest attachment – 1-inch. I started with the back then the sides, even using the tappered around-the-ear attachments. But the top, what to do? I couldn’t shave it with the 1-inch attachment lest it be too short, so I clipped a bit here and a bit there until it seemed to us both that it was balanced.

So, what do you think? Work of art or do we need to make an appointment at the salon??

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  • yodabear
    1 Oct 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    i think it looks pretty darn sexy!

  • Victoria Vincent
    27 Dec 2010 | Permalink | Reply

    Richard would look good bald. Not a bad hair cut!

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