…Hitched this Afternoon!

I don’t think I can hear the word “hitched” without thinking of The Little Mermaid scene when Scuttle brings the news to Arial and Sebastian that the Prince is getting married.

The whole town’s buzzin’ about the prince gettin’ himself hitched this afternoon! You know, he’s getting married! You silly sidewalker!

Well the whole town was buzzin’ since Tom and Danielle went out and got hitched at the town offices of Guelph just over a month before their “wedding.” But the celebration continued as planned, “wedding” or not.

I write “wedding” because they avoided the term since the get-go, and danced circles around anything wedding-like. The event, however, was quite wedding-like and extremely tasteful. Vows – yes; officiant – no. Family and friends – yes; co-workers, second cousins, and random parents’ friends – no. Flowing white gown – yes; wedding bands – no. Dinner, seating chart, organic wine – yes; 3-tiered cake – no. Speeches and dancing – yes; reception hall – nope!

The setting for the vows couldn’t be more ideal; the dinner venue had a perfect view and amazing foyer and served delicious food; and the after party was intimate yet not crowded at all. It was a great night and I’m glad they understood the importance of sharing and celebrating their union with the people closest to them.

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