Every Dog Needs a Faux Bearskin Rug

It’s come to this… posting about girlie shopping on the interweb! Sorry Rich, who wanted to call the blog something climbing related. “But our trip isn’t JUST about climbing” I’d protest. And sure enough, we’ve been posting about our travels, visits with family, charlie dog, our apartment and then…. nothing. So with this lack of travel commentary due to the lack of travel, I may now be posting about whatever I want. Deal with it.

It’s not that Rich is banned from posting. But let’s be honest, he will likely never post of his own free will. So enjoy the wonderful web finds….

The Bearskin rug for Charlie is an absolute must! We bought her tent on a whim and it turned out to be fantastically useful and surprisingly well loved. Her giant dog pillow meant for “large, Great Dane-sized dogs” was bought on a lark. I really thought it was funny to see a 10-lb dog on a giant pillow. I still think it’s funny. But this bearskin rug takes the cake for spoiled rotten, unnecessary pet paraphernalia!

The only thing better than this hunting cabin dog house is the description of it on the site, “This Cabin distinguishes itself through its innovative design and its humoristic thematic inspired by the Canadian style hunting chalets and their associated symbolism.” Nice!

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