Charlie & Brown Bear

There were two moments that I thought I had ruined the surprise:

1. Early on, in November, when I sent Christmas Festivities invites in the mail to Martha and Breda. I wrote on the back of the envelope, as a speech bubble from a snow man “Chill out, it’s just a Christmas card!” Breda’s message to me via Richard was something along the lines of a wink and a nod; thus insinuating that she immediately knew. Turns out she didn’t suspect anything.

2. The second slip-up had to do with Brown Bear. A few weeks before the date, I realized Charlie would be left alone for the afternoon and evening. Normally she’d be A-OK but since all of our things would be gone from the old apartment, and she’d only have one afternoon to get acquainted with the new house, we figured it may be stressful for her (she once barked herself hoarse when left in Aurora for too long). Since the chapel was just south of Eglinton and the restaurant was just north of Lawrence, both on Yonge, we asked my friend Sandy to look after Charlie for the day.

Now for the backstory: for those unfamiliar with Charlie’s monogamous relationship with fluffy, the sleepdog, come for a visit to the new house and she’s sure to show you (it’s a dominance thing). Here’s the video where we introduced the new girlfriend:

Charlie didn’t quite take to the new dog and so it was passed down to Callie (Sandy’s dog), who took Charlie’s lead and made the dog her biatch. Well, she had humped it silly and most of the stuffing is now missing, so we ran out to Ikea and bought Callie a new humpy toy: Brown Bear.

Here’s the slip up: several times, I mentioned to my mom that Brown Bear was a gift for Sandy and Callie that we would deliver on Saturday. Richard kept kicking me to correct myself, “I mean next Saturday cause, we’re, uh, going somewhere.”

Good thing she didn’t catch it!


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