Surprise! They’re Home!

After nearly a year travelling, Tom and Danielle secretly returned home to North America, unbeknownst to Martha. They arrived in Florida in time for a special birthday and a week of relaxing time with Danielle’s parents. Then, north they drove to Toronto where they helped with our move.

Martha arrived to the new house on Friday afternoon, believing a weekend of unpacking and Christmas festivities were ahead. But first: we told her we were Skyping with Tom and Danielle in India. The connection was bad but let’s say hello before the tour of the new house. Tom and Danielle were actually in the basement, trying to use our data plans to tether wifi for Skyping. The picture was clear but there was no sound and we kept dropping the call. So Mom sat there smiling for a while before Richard and I both joined Tom and Danielle in the picture. However, someone said, “What a neat trick” which threw Mom off, believing Robert had orchestrated an elaborate Photoshop/Skype trick to make it appear as though we were in the same shot.

So…. when Danielle came upstairs, Martha was truly and entirely shocked!


Deane and Charlie laugh as Martha is frightened by Danielle’s sudden appearance in front of her. (Photo: Robert Ewart)

Even Charlie is laughing at Mom as she’s almost afraid of Danielle standing right in front of her. Once she got over the shock, Tom also appeared with Danielle and there were hugs all around.


“Is this for real?!” Yes mom, it’s for real! (Photo: Robert Ewart)

Tom and Danielle were witnesses to our marriage the next day, and continued to help with the move and settling in to the new house.

Sorry, Mom, for keeping the secret, and yes, many others knew about it, but I think it was worth the fun of the reveal!

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