Ontario Life

Our New Apartment


It’s been 6 months since we moved in to our new apartment at Yonge & Davisville and we’ve already got it sufficiently cluttered and messy!  


New Look For intothesunset.ca!


Here she is, the look for intothesunset.ca! This design should be much easier to access past posts. Just because I know everyone is so eager to hold on to the past by reading our archives every morning!


…Hitched this Afternoon!


I don’t think I can hear the word “hitched” without thinking of The Little Mermaid scene when Scuttle brings the news to Arial and Sebastian that the Prince is getting married. The whole town’s buzzin’ about the prince gettin’ himself hitched this afternoon! You know, he’s getting married! You silly sidewalker! Well the whole town was buzzin’ since Tom and Danielle went out and got hitched at the town offices of Guelph just over a [...]


Richard’s Haircut


My mom has been cutting my dad’s hair for as long as I can remember. I’m sure it didn’t start out perfectly, but over the years she’s mastered it. My brother also opts for the cheaper route when it comes to hair cutting. He’s had friends shave his head during beer-fueled brilliance, girlfriends do their best to snip suave styles, and I bet my mother’s even had her hands on his locks. So when Richard [...]


Doggie Paddle

Picture 3

While on the road, we found the best way to get a shower was to find a local community center where we could take a swim before using their showers. Richard quickly found that the doggie paddle was the best stroke to give a workout to the forearms. I can’t imagine what we looked like paddling back and forth among the splashing children and serious lane swimmers. Here’s how I know that Richard and Charlie [...]