Our New Home

Our New Dog Walk

2012-11-24 11.33.37

Some snaps from the lakeshore, a quick 10 minute walk from our house to the path.


Some Things I Love

2012-12-19 08.39.37

….about our new house. Wicked thermostat; every light switch has a dimmer; dishwasher!; fireplace (even though it’s only a facade); wide, chunky, dark wood window trim; ikea closet; and solid, plain floor board trim. And much much more!


Surprise! They’re Home!

2012-12-17 19.42.12

After nearly a year travelling, Tom and Danielle secretly returned home to North America, unbeknownst to Martha. They arrived in Florida in time for a special birthday and a week of relaxing time with Danielle’s parents. Then, north they drove to Toronto where they helped with our move. Martha arrived to the new house on Friday afternoon, believing a weekend of unpacking and Christmas festivities were ahead. But first: we told her we were Skyping [...]


We Bought a House!


A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Breda and Dario for helping with the morning shift moving us from Perth Ave to the new house; to Tom and Danielle for their help on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; to Deane and Martha for their help settling us into the new home; and to Robert for documenting it all with brilliant photos!


Buying Our First House


…in Toronto no less. The FULL story. Around the fall of 2011, we decided we’d start looking for a home (condo or house). We were interested in Mimico/Long Branch/New Toronto but were unsure about the location and the price of houses at that time. Since I had worked in a real estate office, I had connections to agents. We met with a guy I had selected from the office and chatted about our wants/needs and [...]


Party Party Party!!


When my good friend said all she wanted for her birthday party was to play football in the park and have a bbq — it was January! — I jumped at the chance to host our first party. Little did I realize that my good friend’s group of close friends was giant! Like eager kids we braved the cold, bundle up and played winter football in the park until someone got hurt. And like good [...]


Our New Apartment


It’s been 6 months since we moved in to our new apartment at Yonge & Davisville and we’ve already got it sufficiently cluttered and messy!  


Beer Wages and Champagne Taste


After a terrible experience with a potential apartment on Delisle, I was terribly worried we’d never find an adequate apartment. My main concern was location: It had to be near the subway, preferably the Yonge line, and close enough to a park big enough for Charlie to be off leash. We also hopped for lots of light, maybe even south-facing; a balcony; a safe neighbourhood; and parking. A large kitchen with dishwasher and renovated bathroom [...]