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Our USA Trip


Back from our Europe trip in time for my brother’s wedding, I now had time to flip through pictures of the USA trip. A very crude (iPhone held up to the laptop screen while I scroll through Preview) compilation video emerged that features every photo we took (ok, minus the iPhone pics). About 5 minutes long, it’s a great way to get a taste of our trip minus the 3-hr long stories! Enjoy!


We Made It!

Picture 2

Well we made it back to Ontario alive and well! Great timing too cause the van just died once again… but this time it should be a cheaper fix. Regardless of the few break-downs along the way, the van served us very well on our journey. We put about 15,000 km on the old girl, making her drag us across flat, hot and empty states; up slow rising hills; and back and forth on switch-backs [...]


Little Cottonwood Canyon


Little Cottonwood Canyon….


House Tour


A closer look at our home… now that we’ve been living in it for over a month


NoCal Beach Bouldering


Ever since I saw the climbing movie Rampage I have wanted to visit Humboldt County California. We planned on spending a night in Arcata California on our way to Bend Oregon. Driving up to the Moonstone Beach I was instantly stoked and ready to ‘scend. There weren’t many hard problems on the beach and I didn’t love the type of rock but the setting and aesthetics of the location were mind blowing. Ellen was still [...]


Lots of Wine + Biking = Great Times!


Beautiful sunny Sonoma, California. An exquisite place to grow grapes, also an exquisite place to drink the by-product of grapes and live a grand life. Ellen’s relative, Marnie, from Stanford connected us with a relative of hers in Sonoma. Doug & Penney graciously welcomed us into their home. They own the touring company, Goodtime touring company and do an excellent job. Doug is the former mayor of Sonoma and as such knows so much about [...]


The Zoo


“But I want to go to the zoooooooo! I want to see a tiger!”. Who do you think said these words? Well we ended up visiting the San Francisco zoo on our way up to Sonoma. I love zoos. So much so that a few years ago I visited the Toronto Zoo by myself in order to marvel at the majesty and evolutionary might of the caged creatures. I did however catch flak from friends [...]


Planet Granite – Planet Awesome


Visiting family in the San Francisco area meant we went quite a few days without any climbing. After the prerequisite day of site seeing (read: shopping) in San Franciso I was ready to get off the ground. An internet search and 14 hrs separated us from one of our best indoor climbing experiences ever. There are 3 Planet Granite locations in the bay area, the one we visited (Sunyvale) proved to be the best with [...]


Out of the Woods


Well we’re out of the woods and into the city and what a change it is. As two seemingly die hard city dwellers, we’ve become quite unaccustomed to the bustle, noise, air quality and traffic of a big city. Nevertheless, here we are enjoying the sun and cool breezes of Palo Alto, California. We are staying under the care of my father’s cousin Margaret, who, being a seasoned traveller herself, has welcomed us in eagerly [...]


Parking Lot Poaching Getting Better


We’re moving up in the world! Though Walmart and Vons parking lots have proven quite useful in the past, we have found higher (or rather lower: sea level) grounds to stop and rest our weary heads. After leaving Santa Cruz, we drove up the coast and picked a pull-out equipped with emergency phone for a place to sleep. It was completely dark and we had no idea where the water was beside us: 25 feet [...]