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The Process


Often, as I’m taking videos of Richard bouldering, I get disappointed at the final result. He just makes it look too easy in the end. And sure, we often climb (as Richard has mentioned) easier grades that are just damn fun to work. So it would make sense that the final video doesn’t rival Dai Koyamada on Dreamtime, but there’s still a part of the story missing in that final video. And so, here’s a [...]


Annot: Good Place


No, no, it is a very good place. A good place for eating and drinking, a good place for Ellen to practice her French, and of course a good place for boulders. Our journey to Annot started with an Internet search. “Trusty Google can you help me find something” “Of course Mr. Hanna. What would you like me to find for you” “The meaning of life! The one answer” “42″ “Huh… Ok how about somewhere [...]


Annot Rock


The beautiful holds of Annot….