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Stop Horsin’ Around


I have always wanted to try horse meat. Sure, horses are beautiful and majestic creatures worthy of our worship, but aren’t cows as well? Besides, if you’re anything like me, when you see the powerful hind quarters of a horse all you can imagine is delicious lean cuts of meat. Alas, luck had not been on my side for a long time, until this trip to Europe. I had heard stories of horse meat in [...]


Double Down


I would like to take this chance to introduce you all to the double down sandwich. This is kfc latest healthy choice. All joking aside, it is a tasty sandwich that we could not help but try after seeing the ads. The billboard did work, I believe the sentence was “does that sandwich have pieces of chicken as the bun?” Who can resist a bacon, mayo and cheese sandwich? Who can resist it when the [...]


Eating Like Kings & Queens


We’re not quite roughing it so far. Sure, the odd PB&J sandwich, but for the most part we’re preparing quite tasty meals. For example: for dinner: rice, Italian sausage, herbs and spices, one egg, spinach, and mushrooms. Next morning we mixed some leftover rice with 5 eggs, the rest of the spinach and mushrooms for a delectable scrambled egg breakie. That night we fried up the rest of the cooked rice with some Parmesan cheese [...]