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Charlie & Brown Bear

2012-12-19 08.42.10

There were two moments that I thought I had ruined the surprise: 1. Early on, in November, when I sent Christmas Festivities invites in the mail to Martha and Breda. I wrote on the back of the envelope, as a speech bubble from a snow man “Chill out, it’s just a Christmas card!” Breda’s message to me via Richard was something along the lines of a wink and a nod; thus insinuating that she immediately [...]


We Got Married!


Martha is finally in the know, having heard the news of our wedding late the night before. When Breda and Dario arrived, they did not yet know they would be attending a wedding that day. Richard broke the news by giving her the wedding announcement card to open. I was not present but was told Dario sat cooly in the corner and simply said, “it’s about time”, or something of the sort. For the full [...]


The Proposal Weekend


Richard and I are taking the plunge! No… we’re not joining a swim team… we’re getting MARRIED! We decided to get engaged while on a 6-hr drive from Toronto to Montreal on Thursday (for my birthday weekend — I was getting spoiled). On Saturday we found and bought a ring then found a park where we had a mini picnic and exchanged ‘vows’. Then we enjoyed a two-for-one birthday AND engagement dinner celebration with friends! [...]