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The Making of the Van

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No trip would be complete without a mattress-outfitted van. Where else would you ever want to sleep? Due to the hard work of Martha, Ellen & Deane the van was prepared. A stiff platform, a foam double bed mattress and storage: Everything we need to hit the road. In this installment of Pimp My Ride, you will witness a van transforming into a home. After seeing this video you will undoubtedly want to try sleeping [...]


The Fight for Custody

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The first question most people ask about the trip is, “Are you bringing Charlie?” For a range of reasons, we’ve decided not to bring little Charlie dog with us on our trip. Not surprisingly, there was a line forming to care for her. The leading contestants were my parents in Penetanguishene, Ontario, and my Aunt Victoria who lives in Springfield, Illinois. So we’ve decided that Charlie will stay with “Grandma” in Penetang for the first [...]


Martha’s Dodge Caravan: Our New Home


The perfect solution to our transportation issue just landed in our laps as my mother Martha decided to fast-track her search for a new car and hand her old Dodge Caravan to us. Luckily, the van is extended in length and provides enough room for a proper foam mattress in the back. My dad, Deane, then found an old adjustable bed frame, lifted and reinforced it with blocks of wood, and added a sheet of [...]