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Red Rocks Leading

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I’ve finally found a relationship where the guy does all the cooking and cleaning! Well, as for the cooking, that entails PB &J sandwiches and jalepenos from a jar. But the cleaning is genuine. Generally Richard will lead the route and I will then top-rope it, forcing him to climb it a second time to clean the gear. As soon as we find an easy 5.8 or 5.9 that looks like a bolt-ladder, perhaps I’ll [...]


Free Vegas

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Our next stop after Joe’s Valley was LAS VEGAS. We drove into town about 8pm and had no idea where to stay. My friends usually hit Las Vegas high-roller style, with poker tables, craps tables, clubs, and comps. We decided to take a more…. dirtbag approach. After doing the tour of the strip we settled upon the MGM Grand parking garage for a place to settle that night. After finding a spot we did a [...]