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We Made It!

Picture 2

Well we made it back to Ontario alive and well! Great timing too cause the van just died once again… but this time it should be a cheaper fix. Regardless of the few break-downs along the way, the van served us very well on our journey. We put about 15,000 km on the old girl, making her drag us across flat, hot and empty states; up slow rising hills; and back and forth on switch-backs [...]


… and we’re FINALLY off!


This picture is what we call the “Martha shot.” If she were home when we took off, she would have insisted on snapping a few pictures. Our first sunset was hazy and gray and passed without much notice, but didn’t damper the satisfaction of our first night. We left Aurora around 3:30pm with the goal of making it to Windsor for the night. Part of not having a route mapped out is discovering half way [...]