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The Zoo


“But I want to go to the zoooooooo! I want to see a tiger!”. Who do you think said these words? Well we ended up visiting the San Francisco zoo on our way up to Sonoma. I love zoos. So much so that a few years ago I visited the Toronto Zoo by myself in order to marvel at the majesty and evolutionary might of the caged creatures. I did however catch flak from friends [...]


Out of the Woods


Well we’re out of the woods and into the city and what a change it is. As two seemingly die hard city dwellers, we’ve become quite unaccustomed to the bustle, noise, air quality and traffic of a big city. Nevertheless, here we are enjoying the sun and cool breezes of Palo Alto, California. We are staying under the care of my father’s cousin Margaret, who, being a seasoned traveller herself, has welcomed us in eagerly [...]