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The Making of the Van

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No trip would be complete without a mattress-outfitted van. Where else would you ever want to sleep? Due to the hard work of Martha, Ellen & Deane the van was prepared. A stiff platform, a foam double bed mattress and storage: Everything we need to hit the road. In this installment of Pimp My Ride, you will witness a van transforming into a home. After seeing this video you will undoubtedly want to try sleeping [...]


Martha’s Dodge Caravan: Our New Home


The perfect solution to our transportation issue just landed in our laps as my mother Martha decided to fast-track her search for a new car and hand her old Dodge Caravan to us. Luckily, the van is extended in length and provides enough room for a proper foam mattress in the back. My dad, Deane, then found an old adjustable bed frame, lifted and reinforced it with blocks of wood, and added a sheet of [...]