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Charlie & Brown Bear

2012-12-19 08.42.10

There were two moments that I thought I had ruined the surprise: 1. Early on, in November, when I sent Christmas Festivities invites in the mail to Martha and Breda. I wrote on the back of the envelope, as a speech bubble from a snow man “Chill out, it’s just a Christmas card!” Breda’s message to me via Richard was something along the lines of a wink and a nod; thus insinuating that she immediately [...]


Our USA Trip


Back from our Europe trip in time for my brother’s wedding, I now had time to flip through pictures of the USA trip. A very crude (iPhone held up to the laptop screen while I scroll through Preview) compilation video emerged that features every photo we took (ok, minus the iPhone pics). About 5 minutes long, it’s a great way to get a taste of our trip minus the 3-hr long stories! Enjoy!


The Process


Often, as I’m taking videos of Richard bouldering, I get disappointed at the final result. He just makes it look too easy in the end. And sure, we often climb (as Richard has mentioned) easier grades that are just damn fun to work. So it would make sense that the final video doesn’t rival Dai Koyamada on Dreamtime, but there’s still a part of the story missing in that final video. And so, here’s a [...]


Annot: Good Place


No, no, it is a very good place. A good place for eating and drinking, a good place for Ellen to practice her French, and of course a good place for boulders. Our journey to Annot started with an Internet search. “Trusty Google can you help me find something” “Of course Mr. Hanna. What would you like me to find for you” “The meaning of life! The one answer” “42″ “Huh… Ok how about somewhere [...]


Herculean Feat


Rewinding a little to Bologna….


One Climb, Two Views


Just for fun….




Welcome to beautiful Cresiano, population 500 people, 1000 boulders. A boulderer’s dream, nightmare and promise land. Cresciano is located in the Italian canton of Ticino Switzerland. This is a climbing area legendary in my mind due to the Dosage series of climbing films. We decided that we needed to work off all of the pasta & proscuitto weight we put on in Italy. This town, just north of the Italian border about 1.5 hours from [...]


Three Confessions


First: Sure, a lot of great climbs are found next to clear blue waters; alongside ocean vistas; 10 feet from your campsite; or directly along a country road complete with room for parking. But another bunch of great climbs are found at the end of 45 minute hikes up steep trails in blazing heat. Yes, I’m fit. Yes, I’m outdoorsy. Confession: i don’t like hiking. When we finally reach the boulder field/valley, sticky with sweat [...]


Doggie Paddle

Picture 3

While on the road, we found the best way to get a shower was to find a local community center where we could take a swim before using their showers. Richard quickly found that the doggie paddle was the best stroke to give a workout to the forearms. I can’t imagine what we looked like paddling back and forth among the splashing children and serious lane swimmers. Here’s how I know that Richard and Charlie [...]


Little Cottonwood Canyon


Little Cottonwood Canyon….