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House Tour


A closer look at our home… now that we’ve been living in it for over a month


Lots of Wine + Biking = Great Times!


Beautiful sunny Sonoma, California. An exquisite place to grow grapes, also an exquisite place to drink the by-product of grapes and live a grand life. Ellen’s relative, Marnie, from Stanford connected us with a relative of hers in Sonoma. Doug & Penney graciously welcomed us into their home. They own the touring company, Goodtime touring company and do an excellent job. Doug is the former mayor of Sonoma and as such knows so much about [...]


The Making of the Van

Picture 1

No trip would be complete without a mattress-outfitted van. Where else would you ever want to sleep? Due to the hard work of Martha, Ellen & Deane the van was prepared. A stiff platform, a foam double bed mattress and storage: Everything we need to hit the road. In this installment of Pimp My Ride, you will witness a van transforming into a home. After seeing this video you will undoubtedly want to try sleeping [...]